JINDI Fastener Calls You To Protect The Environment

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In the past week, the large fog in the Jiangsu area has impressed many citizens. Nantong is located along the coast of the river. The foggy landscape is strange but it also gives inconvenience to the traffic.In the recent years, the natural disasters have become more and more serious,Some unique landscapes have also reminded the world that it is imperative to protect the earth's ecological environment.

                                                                                  The production workshop has been added Large oil mist purifier and fan

The state called for environmental protection, and Nantong Jindi Fastener responded positively. Our factories have increased their investment and use more environmental equipment to reduce the emissions of waste water, waste gas and waste oil, to reduce environmental damage. For the complex environments, our company is also committed to research the products with the higher corrosion resistance.

                                                                                The production workshop has been added Large oil mist purifier and fan

Nantong Jindi Fasteners calls everyone to join the environmental protection and let us have a beautiful future.


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