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China's fastener industry, sprouted in 1958, its leaping development as early as 1958, is already in the process of brewing and temptation. During the "First Five-Year Plan", China put forward the first batch of national standards and industry standards on the basis of translation and transformation of Soviet standards, In this batch of national standards, a total of 120 standards of GB2-121-58 are fastener standards. From 1959 to 1960, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry approved the promulgation of "General Standards for Machinery Industry" such as JB9--72-59 and JB123--161-60.


These national standards and general standards for the machinery industry have initially formed China's "first-generation fastener standard system" in this system. The national standards cover the most common bolts, screws, wood screws, nuts.washers. rivets and pins. A total of 7 categories of products; "General Standard for Machinery Industry" than the national standard extra studs (also known as double studs, studs, studs retaining ring, self-tapping screws, special-shaped fasteners and non-ferrous fasteners And so on.



In recent years, the output of China's fastener industry is in a steady growth trend. In 2014, the overall output of China's fastener industry was 7.2 million tons. In 2015, it increased to 7.28 million tons. In 2016, it rose to 7.42 million tons. In the year, the overall output has reached 7.47 million tons, and in 2018 it has reached 7.6 million tons.


In 2018, driven by the automobile, high-speed rail, aviation and other industries, the machinery general-purpose parts industry in the first quarter of 2018 showed steady growth, the company's revenue growth was stable, the operation continued to improve, the product import and export trend was good, and the industry achieved a total output value. It was 85.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%, showing a stable development trend. In the whole year of 2018, China's exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 9.65 trillion yuan, an increase of 7.9%, accounting for 58.8% of China's total export value, an increase of 0.4 percentage points over 2017. Among them, automobile exports increased by 8.3%, and mobile phone exports increased by 9.8%. The total export value of fasteners is about 5.896 billion US dollars, and the export volume is about 306,800 tons. The general equipment manufacturing enterprises where fasteners are located are not highly concentrated, and there are many small and medium-sized domestic manufacturers, and the competition in the low-end products is fierce. From the perspective of regional distribution of fastener products, the concentration of fastener manufacturing in China is relatively high. The specific performance is that most manufacturing companies are concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Guangdong.


Analysis of market demand in 2019-2024


With the development of cities in North China, the demand for fasteners in North China will tend to be high-end. By 2024, the market demand was 15.988 billion yuan, but compared with 2018, the demand for high-end fasteners has increased.


Forecast of industry development prospects from 2019 to 2024


Most of the fastener enterprises face double challenges of structural reform and market demand in the supply side of the industry due to low automation, backward technical equipment, poor product quality, low quality and small scale. High-end fasteners are also an important part of the national strategic emerging industry. Strategic emerging industries require a large amount of equipment and facilities to support, and can not be separated from various fasteners, as energy-saving environmental protection technology equipment and products of strategic emerging industries, network infrastructure and mobile communication equipment, advanced medical equipment in the bio-industry, high-end manufacturing Aerospace, space-based satellites, rail transit equipment, offshore engineering equipment, smart manufacturing equipment, new energy nuclear energy, reactors, wind turbines, new energy vehicles, hybrids and pure electric vehicles all require a large number of fasteners and fasteners. Performance quality will directly affect the performance and quality of these industrial products.


Industry Investment Risk Forecast for 2019-2024


Potential performance risk caused by slowdown in macroeconomic growth


Fasteners are used in a wide range of applications and play an important role in all walks of life. Industry market demand is closely linked to the macroeconomic situation. In recent years, China's overall economic growth has slowed down, facing downward pressure, and the development of many industries has been affected to some extent. As an important basic component, fasteners are greatly affected by the macro economy. If the macroeconomic growth rate declines further, it will inevitably hinder the further development of the fastener industry.

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