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On June 28th, the 2019 Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition and the 10th Automotive Fasteners Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “2019 Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition”) were successfully concluded at the National Exhibition and Convention Center shanghai! In the ten years of the developments, the exhibition has been guided by the theme of “export-oriented, high-end domestic sales”, and has always been developing and growing with the aim of professionalism, efficiency, openness and innovation.



This exhibition lasts for three days. It shows at NH Hall and Hall 3.The exhibition scale has nearly 60,000 square meters. It attracted 800 global fastener manufacturers and fastener production equipment manufacturers to show. It supplies the one-stop trading platform for the fastener industry and the buyer.



The exhibits range from standard fasteners, non-standard fasteners, automotive and high-strength fasteners, construction fasteners, stampings and lathes, fasteners for various professional applications. Equipment, fastener materials, fastener molds and consumables , testing equipment, packaging equipment, other related production technologies and equipment.

At 9:00 am on June 26, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Shanghai Fastener Professional Exhibition and the 10th Automotive Fasteners was officially held.



Gordon Payne who is Asia Pacific General Manager of ITE Asia), Yang Junfeng who is the Chairman of Chinese Screw Network, Gian Marco Dalpane who is the Vice President of European Fastener Distributors Association, Shi Jianhua who is the Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Shen Jiahua who is the President of Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association, Jiang Yongfeng who is the  President of Jiangsu Fastener Industry Association, Chen Jutian who is the President of Guangdong Fastener Industry Association, Hu Huiyi who is the President of Hong Kong Screw Industry Association, Weng Kezhen who is the President of Shenzhen Fastener Industry Association, Huang Chengan who is Hangzhou Fastener Industry Association President, Jiang Wenguo who is Chairman of the Haiyan County Fastener Industry Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Jianlong who is Jiashan County Fastener Association President, Qiu Yongshou who is Xinghua Dainan Fastener Industry Association President, Liu Yuanping who is Dongguan Fastener Industry Association Chang, Bian Jianchun who is president of Shanghai Fastener Industry Association and other industry association leaders attended the opening ceremony.

At the meeting, first of all, Asia Pacific CEO Gordon Payne of ITE Asia has a speech. He expressed sincere gratitude to all the guests for coming to the exhibition. After 10 years of development, from Shanghai Fasteners Professional Exhibition, we are delighted to see more and more high-quality exhibitors, professional visitors from different countries and end-users in various fields. They come together to participate in this annual industry event. Finally, he wished that all have the best results from this exhibition.



For the band of Shanghai Fasteners Professional Exhibition FASTENER EXPO, it stands for profession, open and innovative. For this year's show, we have a lot of innovations compared with the same period. There are more than 7 professional forums, overseas buyers’ procurement matching meeting. And the large fastener procurement festival was  held during the exhibition.

At present, we faced with great challenges and competition. The only thing we have to do is to remind ourselves to meet difficulties and create more value for our customers with more professional services. At the same time, we need the support of industry friends and the industry's sincere unity. Only when everyone holds together, we can let the world catch the power of Chinese fastener industry and hear the voice of China!

At 10:10, in the lively and enthusiastic atmosphere, the leaders took the stage to cut the ribbon and witnessed this glorious moment with all the guests on the scene.

As a prestigious industry platform of the fastener industry, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Shanghai exhibition, the organizers have teamed up with many well-known exhibitors of fasteners and production equipment at home and abroad for tens of thousands of professional visitors, such as fasteners distributors, traders, terminal companies, etc. They provided good products and services, and meet their sourcing needs. At the same time, the organizers joined forces with more than 20 domestic and foreign associations, attracting a group of buyers from the terminal industries such as auto parts and construction to visit and present a high-quality and professional exhibition!

It is worth mentioning that the fasteners museum located in Hall 3 is a star-studded group, including not only the International Fasteners Zone, Taiwan Group, Jiashan Group, Pinghu Group, Dainan Group, The Pearl River Delta Technical Industry Association Group Exhibition Area, Haiyan Group Area and other local exhibition areas, as well as the automobile and high-strength fastener area and stainless steel fastener area, etc., total 10 areas.








During the period of the exhibition, the organizers organized a series of forum activities, such as buyers' conferences, technical exchanges, roundtables, etc., From the fastener market scale and business model, production technology innovation and process optimization, intelligent manufacturing, product application, the topics of good practice, future industrial development strategy and sustainable development will be explored to better explain the opportunities and challenges faced by fastener design, R&D, production, application and trade in the context of “Made in China 2025”. To provide effective solutions and recommendations, build a platform for business communication and jointly promote the sound development of the industry.




On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Shanghai Fasteners Professional Exhibition and the 15th anniversary of Chinese Screws, the Shanghai Fasteners Professional Exhibition Organizing Committee and the Chinese Screw Network jointly hosted the 2019 “Screw Night” large-scale thank-you dinner on June 26th in Shanghai PRIMUS hotel. Nearly 700 people who are all association leaders, exhibitor representatives, business representatives and national fastener industry elites attended the event. With the theme of “Connecting, Industry, and the Future”, this dinner will create a feast dedicated to the people of the screw. On the spot, the loyal supporters of the Shanghai Fasteners Professional Exhibition have been awarded the most loyal participation awards and contributing exhibitor awards, etc.


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